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The properties and the application of the nanometer nylon

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Many scholars use liquid crystal polyester as strengthening agent, using the original compound preparation of high strength polymer nanoparticles, thermotropic liquid crystal polymer and PPTA (has the same properties and function, but also can improve the liquidity of polymer injection molding processing, this type of composite material is has a broad application prospect of high performance structural material. Nantong on plastic products factory developed nanometer rubber, this kind of rubber used for toughening PA6, PA66, its dosage is around 5%, can achieve the effect of the traditional toughening agent 20%.

just add a small amount of organic montmorillonite, the comprehensive mechanics performance of the composite material is effectively improved. Under both dry and wet tensile strength of jun is higher than PA66. Material hardness than PA66 slightly raised, surface with double screw blending extrusion is the key approach for the preparation of nanocomposites. PPTA is a kind of high strength, high modulus, heat resistant polymer, this material by solution blending and in situ polymerization can be made of high strength organic nanometer nylon.

nano crystalline nylon, PA6 is a crystalline polymer, after joining montmorillonite inevitably cause the change of PA6 crystallization behavior, in PA/clay nanocomposites, PA6 exist different crystal structure, the crystallization of PA6 speed increased significantly. The spherulite of pure PA6 extinction pattern, black cross spherulite size is larger, and nanometer nylon PA6 spherulite size decreased significantly, the increase in the number of spherulite, due to the interference between spherulite, makes the integrity of the spherulites decreased and the black cross extinction pattern is not obvious, indicating that the addition of clay accelerated the crystallization rate of PA6, have the effect of nucleating agent.

has to pass through the surface ionization treatment after soluble in PPTA lactam aggregated, PPTA under mixing shearing action, can form a certain orientation degree of the fiber, PPTA fiber dispersed evenly in the PA6 matrix, an orderly. This kind of fiber PA6 has the very good to strengthen, in adding 0. 5% of the cases, could increase the tensile strength of PA6 was 60%, the tensile modulus increase more than 1 times, this is strange place of nanomaterials.

add 2 - in PA6 5% of organic clay, can significantly improve the mechanical properties and thermal performance of PA6, PA66. Polymer intercalating method of nanometer nylon part of the mechanical properties can be found that two kinds of preparation techniques can improve the mechanical properties of PA6, but the former enhancement effect is more apparent. Glass fiber reinforced bending strength of nanometer nylon and plastic injection processing particularly high modulus, close to the glass fiber reinforced PA66, shows that the addition of nanometer materials can effectively improve the rigid material.

polymer intercalated PA6 / clay nanocomposites process is divided into two parts, the first part of the organic modification of clay, the process of the technological process and basic similar intercalation polymerization, just need to increase the dry organic clay. The second part is blending extrusion, will dry organic clay mixed with PA6, mixed extrusion by twin screw extruder. In the process of blending extrusion, clay intercalating agent and PA6 macromolecules end groups in the reaction to form chemical combination, make between PA6 molecules into clay layer, make the clay to nanoscale dispersion in the PA6 matrix, this technique is simple, to the preparation of nanometer high strength nylon and the key is to choose the easy and PA6 macromolecular reaction of intercalating agent, and the preparation of the expansion of the fully organic clay, followed by the moderate shearing of the combination.

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