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The refractive index of a plastic

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
A is added in the feed composition can improve the injection molding processing products gloss additives can receive good effect. There are also some can produce special gloss additives. For example, with small particle size of mica titanium pearl pigment can produce silks and satins downy burnish, large particle size of mica titanium metallic luster with extinction, silver powder can strong reflection, including blue light, the entire visible spectrum, make the plastic products surface presents high gloss, and diameter of 10 - 20 um powders, can make the plastic surface feels like satin sheen.

in the film or thin wall products, there are also measured in fog degrees or turbidity of transparency, the haze is in the direction of the incident light scattering light on all the ratio of the transmitted light. So the haze and transmittance are the two independent optical performance indicators. For plastic products, fog, the smaller the value of transparency of the material, the better. Refractive index definition light in a vacuum or in a transparent medium and the air speed.

the surface properties of materials is mainly determined by the processing conditions. Caused by the different methods of processing, material anisotropy can make the projection Angle of different reflection occurs, resulting in a different luster effect. High gloss of molded parts can be achieved by mould with high glossiness surface. In addition, the metallization of plastics products processing, as well as to the products surface grinding, polishing, polishing, etc all can increase the gloss products.

the refractive index is the basic properties of the transparent material. Refractive index values for the lens of the camera design engineers, microscopes and other optical components, it is important to design parameters. High refractive index material can be used to make very thin lens. The polarity of the polymer in the key size can affect the rate of light through the polymer medium, thus affecting the refractive index. Refractive index of the lowest in the polymer is the new development of a transparent fluorine plastic, the refractive index is only 1. 34.

if the object is anisotropic, which have different properties in different directions, the light through the transparent object birefringence phenomenon occurs. Such as optical plastic in the process of forming, heat cooling of uneven stress, the birefringence will happen. From the structure, molecular chain in presence of benzene ring, double refraction value will increase. Double refraction phenomenon more serious polycarbonate and polystyrene.

for non-ferrous injection molding products processing, when the processing of plastic raw materials, the size of the dispersed particles at the grain when the wavelength of visible light, becomes a color of transparent products. All kinds of transparent plastic with his own spectral selective, for different wavelengths of light, the light transmittance is different. Poly (methyl acrylic acid or organic glass, through the scope of its more wide. The transparency of materials is related with the thickness. When thickness is less than a certain minimum value, almost all of the plastic is translucent, part is transparent.

gloss is a kind of appearance of material properties. Gloss definition is caused by reflected light distribution in the space of the visual properties on the surface of the object. General application Angle spectrophotometer and spectrophotometer to measure surface gloss mirror reflected light to determine the percentage of, and expressed in gloss surface gloss degree. Light reflection situation depends largely on the light of the projection Angle, but also related to material microstructure and surface properties.

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