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The related features of plasticizer

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Plasticizer is developing towards the direction of the high molecular weight, as a special polyester plasticizer, as the rapid development of the modern synthetic resin and plastics industries, a trend of steady growth in demand at home and abroad. With green catalyst production of polyester plasticizer itself ruling, especially suitable for wire and cable and other purposes, has a broad space for development.

polyester plasticizer can increase, plastic, rubber and so on to improve the material softness, machinability, effectively improve the elasticity of the products, its molecular weight is moderate, low volatile, resistance to oil and aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbon extraction, resistance to migrate in the paint and rubber, and the aging resistance performance is superior, the materials can be obtained after high temperature aging very stable vinyl compounds, thus effectively delay aging time.

expand polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin is one of the world's consumption large resin, the injection molding processing products over many areas of production and life. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products can be roughly divided into two types: hard plastic products and RuanSu products. As the production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), plasticizer demand also increased, therefore, people are constantly looking for new plasticizer raw materials, production of more plasticizer, especially the durability and resistance to migration of polyester in order to meet the demand of the market.

synthetic polyester plasticizer, which make use of its not easy mobility, and can be modified into the membrane material of cold tolerance and soft music. As high grade polyester is mainly used to replace phthalic acid esters in food and other fields of application. Leather top light finishing is behind a in leather making process, a process with the key, is also very important, a great influence on the finished leather. Applicable factors determine whether the light oil, remove the varieties, application technology and so on, a basic criteria is its in qualifying, protective and leather handle performance.

all in all, and a good light oil at the same time of modification effect, ultimately not influence on the performance of the leather, leather and leather. Light oil at home and abroad and the vast majority of the products is nitrated cellulose ester, which is in the majority with solvent system, its volatile solvent value is very high, which constitute a great pollution to the environment.

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