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The safety design of the products

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Interference signal transmission, electromagnetic leakage, not just the electronic device to work properly, and may have potential harm to human body. Electrical, plastic injection tooling electrostatic effect also cannot be ignored, the static voltage to a certain extent, people get an electric shock will happen. Static electricity can also cause discharge and the discharge more threatening, especially when there was explosive, discharge can cause burning and explosion.

in order to prevent all kinds of plastic products is closely related to daily life, in the process of different populations of frequent contact become bacteria pollution sources and the main medium of the spread of disease, should give material itself antibacterial sterilization ability. Approach is to have antibacterial antiviral additives were distributed evenly over the performance of polymer matrix. Through such technology processing, the processed into plastic products can obtain satisfactory contact security. Bactericidal effect of concrete depends on the choice of the type of antibacterial additive. Existing technology can make the products have anti-bacterial anti-viral capacity for life.

for all kinds of plastic electrical appliances, electrical safety is the most important material. The most basic requirement is to ensure that the material has excellent electrical insulation, will not endanger people's life. Because the equipment operation process, to prevent overload and other fault cause local overheating and fire. This requires materials can reach certain temperature classification, and have certain flame retardant. Electromagnetic wave shielding materials, is being more and more attention.

mechanical properties of the product, in most cases, is the most important performance. Products of mechanical safety first depends on the mechanical properties of the selected material, while as a product and the type of force, the size of the force, force on the role of the way. Stress types include tensile, bending, compression, distortion, shear, impact, friction, vibration, etc. Force may be only a single type of product, and may also be several types of combination. As the washing machine inside the bucket, the role of a variety of stress at work.

forces include speed, time and frequency, and the role of the force may be a constant, it is possible that the periodic change. The consequences of acting in a different way, the force is also different. Due to the creep properties of plastic, the product of long-term bearing capacity is much smaller than short-term load capacity, expectations for this should be sufficient. Security is also working with the mechanical product of environmental factors has much to do at work, such as temperature, humidity, chemical medium. In harsh environment and the danger of using occasions, should design a higher safety factor.

health security problems of injection molding processing material, almost all the countries around the world for different purposes are formulated with the corresponding standards and regulations, the purpose is to ensure that the purpose of the first close the product to conform to the hygiene standards and safe use. It is important to note that these standards and regulations has the trend of increasingly strict and detailed, and with the trend of economic globalization, and tends to be internationalized. In Europe, has a new safety and hygiene standard, identified as to abide by the European countries.

security is not just about the mechanical product products can be normal, safe and reliable work, many cases about people's life safety, often is the key of the quality evaluation of mechanical strength. In certain USES, product crisp easy to cause harm to human body, and products are softness, resilience can provide adequate protection. In the design of automobile inner decoration, car seat back cushion, armrest, and knee position with high resilience materials or foam can avoid collision hurt people's body.

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