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The shunt way design

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
The choice of gate location is determined by the shape of the injection molding processing. Poor liquidity in the thermosetting plastic, in order to reduce the flow resistance, help and gate should be open in the plastic parts maximize wall thickness. Plastic flow in the cavity of the biggest distance should be as much as possible, limit within the scope of the raschig, liquidity index, for large plastic parts should be to open a few more gate, reduce the flow distance runner spacing should be not more than 120 - 140mm。 Thermosetting plastic can produce packing directional role in flow, caused by plastic deformation, warping and cracking, especially the long fiber filled plastic parts, directional effect is more serious, should pay special attention to the choice of gate location.

pressure injection molding distributary channel than the injection mold of shunt way shallow and wide, usually take 2 - small distributary channel depth 4 mm, a large plastic parts take 4 - depth The shallow end should not be less than 6 mm, 2 mm, if the shunt way too light will make the plastic hardening in advance, liquidity is reduced, so the width of the diversion channel should take the depth of 1. 5 - 2 times, the commonly used distributary channel cross section is trapezoidal or semicircular, pressure injection molding of trapezoidal cross-section distributary channel cross-sectional area should take the gate area's 5 - 10 times. Distributary channel use balance type is decorated, more port should be smooth, flat, avoid bending.

the depth of the trapezoidal runner commonly 0. 5 - 0. 7 mm, width less than 8 mm. If the gate too thin, too small, pressure loss would be larger, hardening in advance, fill the formability is bad. If gate too thick too much, which reduces the velocity of flow, easy to cause weld adverse, surface defects such as poor quality and make it difficult to remove the sprue. Thickening if appropriate gate is conducive to the holding to fill material, eliminate gas and reduce the plastic parts surface roughness and weld quality, so the gate size should be according to the plastic performance, shape, size and wall thickness and gate forms and processes, based on the experience to determine. When the actual design shall generally be of small value, the test again after correction to the appropriate size.

gate is an important part of gating system, and its direct contact with cavity, the quality of plastic smooth cavity, usage, and the flow of the molten material has very important influence, therefore, the gate design should be according to the characteristics of plastic, plastic parts quality requirements and mold structure to consider various factors. Injection mold gate and injection mold are basically the same, can consult the gate injection mold design. Gate should be set up on the surface of plastic parts is not important, in order to not affect the use of plastic parts and beautiful.

due to poor liquidity of thermosetting plastics, so the design of injection mold gate, the gate should be take the section size of large. Press have circular point gate of injection moulding, side gate, fan gate, the ring gate and spokes several forms such as gate. If the parts made from rags or long fiber packing, side gate should be located in attached to wall convex platform, which will help in removing gate when damage on the surface of the plastic. Parts available for larger width in the fan gate.

the thermosetting plastic and plastic is poor, section size should not be too small, or you will make the flow resistance increases, it is not easy to full of cavity, cause under-voltage, is conical mainstream way is usually used in multi-cavity injection moulds, sometimes it is designed to direct gate, in the form of plastic for less liquid. The mainstream way six & deg; - 10° , the taper and the joint of distributary channel should be above the transition arc radius of 3 mm.

gate section shape is round, semicircle, trapezoidal three forms, etc. Circular gate processing difficulties, thermal conductivity is bad, remove the gate is not convenient, so the circular gate is only applicable to less liquid plastic, gate is greater than 3 mm in diameter. The thermal conductivity of the Roman gate is better than round, easy to machining, but the flow resistance is bigger, gate thicker, the thermal conductivity of the trapezoidal runner, is the most commonly used form of gate.

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