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The side parting and core pulling structure

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
According to the requirements of the side core size, shape and different, and the injection molding processing used in the factory, guide chute is not the same, in the form of the most commonly used is a dovetail slot and T slot. Due to the injection molding, asked the slider moves back and forth inside the guide chute, therefore, that make up the guide chute parts hardness and wear resistance is required. Integral guide chute is usually directly on using the template or a template processing, due to dynamic and fixed template commonly used material for 45 steel, to facilitate the processing, so often conditioning to 28 - 32HRC。 Plate materials commonly used T8, T10 or 45 steel, heat treatment hardness requirement HRC≥ 50.

due to the plastic bag in lateral core or adhesion on the lateral cavity, thus in the various types of side parting and core-pulling mechanism, the side parting and core pulling will inevitably meet pull resistance, side parting and core pulling force or pull force must be greater than pull resistance. In the design of side parting and core-pulling mechanism, in addition to calculate lateral pull force, must also consider lateral core-pulling distance of the problem. Lateral core pulling away from the general than the depth of the concave upper and side holes or lateral 2 - the height of the convex platform 3mm。

in the side core is simple and easy for processing, there are also will slide block and side core into an organic whole, is called the integral sliding block. In the process of side parting and core pulling, the dimension precision of plastic parts and slide block mobile depend on the reliability of motion accuracy to guarantee. Side core-pulling mechanism of oblique guide pillar, slide block is in a certain accuracy requirement of guide chute make reciprocating movement along a certain direction.

inclined guide pillar side parting and core-pulling mechanism was introduced in the open mold force or force, under the action of oblique guide pillar driving side core or lateral side core-pulling or side parting molding is almost complete. Due to the inclined guide pillar side parting and core-pulling mechanism is compact, reliable action, easy fabrication, therefore, the most widely used such institutions. Due to the limitation of the mould structure and pumping heart, not the agency generally applicable to the pull force and core-pulling distance less than 60 The occasion of 80 mm.

working inclined guide pillar side cone can be hemispherical also can is Taiwan, because turning hemispherical more difficult, so most of the inclined guide pillar design into a cone shape. In some special cases, in order to make the slider lateral core-pulling later than open action, the mould parting side core-pulling again after a distance, this is inclined guide pillar and slide block diagonal gap between guide hole can be amplified to 2 - 3mm。 Inclined guide pillar side parting and core pulling mechanism of oblique guide pillar and direction Angle of combining a model called the Angle of inclined guide pillar, it is to determine the effect of inclined guide pillar core-pulling mechanism work important parameters, the size of the tilt Angle of oblique guide pillar effective length of work, the core pulling distance and has direct influence to the important force, etc.

manual side parting and core-pulling mechanism is to use the human will die side parting and core pulling, agency here not convenient operation, workers labor intensity, low production efficiency, but the injection molding processing mold structure is simple, low cost, used in the manufacture of products and small batch production or unable to use the occasion of other side core-pulling mechanism. Side parting and core pulling manually and can be divided into two kinds, mould manual parting core-pulling and mold manual parting core-pulling, outside the mold manual parting core-pulling mechanism with activity is insert mold.

in the design of inclined guide pillar side parting and core-pulling mechanism, the need to choose appropriate diameter inclined guide pillar, which is to calculate the diameter of the inclined guide pillar or have already selected diameter for checking. Before the inclined guide pillar diameter calculation, should analyze the force of the inclined guide pillar, calculate the inclined guide pillar of bending force. Slide block is inclined guide pillar side parting and core pulling mechanism of an important component, in general, it combined with lateral core into slide block core, called combined slide block.

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