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The structure and function of injection molding machine

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Injection molding process generally includes molding, pressure, backflow, cooling and demoulding. Plasticizing good melt by piston or screw pushing to cylinder front end, through the nozzle and mould gating system to enter and full of cavity, this stage called mold filling. Melt cooling mold shrinkage, continue to maintain the pressure condition of the piston or screw force near the gate of molten material continuously supplements such as mold, shape to make the plastic mould can produce complete and solid plastic parts, this phase is called the holding.

injection device are mainly plasticizing components and hopper, metering device, transmission device, injection and mobile hydraulic cylinder, etc. The effect of clamping device is to realize the mould opening and closing, in the packing injection molding mold reliable close tightly, and smooth out plastic parts. Before and after the clamping device is mainly composed of fixed template, mobile template, connected with the pull rod before and after the fixed template, clamping hydraulic cylinder, moving die mould device of oil cylinder, linkage, and plastic ejection device, etc.

plastic heat in the cylinder, the solid particles into a viscous flow and form good plasticity process called plasticizing uniform melt. Plasticizing requirements for plastic: plastic melt in cavity before fully plasticizing, should not only meet the molding temperature, and to make plastic temperature in all parts of the uniform as far as possible, but also make the content of pyrolysis content reached a minimum value, and can provide to meet the above conditions, the weight of molten plastic enough to guarantee the continuous and smooth production. These requirements and characteristics of the plastic, the control of process condition as well as the structure of injection molding machine plasticizing device are closely related.

the hydraulic drive system and electric control system is to ensure that injection molding machine program and accurate according to the requirement of the process is scheduled to work effectively. Injection molding machine hydraulic system is mainly composed of various hydraulic components and circuits, and other ancillary equipment, electrical control system is mainly composed of various electrical and instrumentation, etc. Hydraulic drive system and electric control system of organic unifies in together, power for injection molding machine and injection molding machine to realize control.

in order to ensure the quality of plastic parts, should do some before molding process preparation work, such as the molding material appearance inspection, testing the process performance; For some easy to moisture absorption of plastic molding should be fully dry before, in order to avoid the product surface defect such as silver, stripes and a bubble; Before forming different kinds of plastic, the cylinder shall be clean; The shape of the plastic with embedded parts, should first to preheat, insert the demoulding difficulty of plastic parts, prepare appropriate release agent. In addition, the loading and plasticizing is necessary step before the injection molding process.

Angle of injection molding is a form between horizontal and vertical, his injection device and the axis of the clamping device vertically to each other, the axis of the injection device with injection molding processing mould parting surface in the same plane, the arrangement of two forms. A general-purpose injection molding machine mainly include injection molding device, clamping device, hydraulic transmission system and electrical control system. Will is the main purpose of the plastic injection molding device uniform plasticizing, and with enough pressure and velocity to a certain amount of liquid injection into the mold cavity.

due to the injection molding is a batch process, thus need to quantitative feeding, to ensure that the operating temperature, plastic uniform plasticizing, finally get good parts. Charging, heating time is too long or too much cause the thermal degradation of plastics, injection molding machine power consumption increased at the same time; Charging too little, material cylinder is lack of the pressure medium, the plastic melt in cavity pressure is reduced, difficult to fill plastic, easy to cause a contraction and sag, empty and even defects such as lack of material.

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