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The structure of injection moulds

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Single injection mold parting surface is also called the second board type injection mold, it is one of the most simple in injection molding processing mold structure. The mold is only a parting surface. Single parting surface injection mould according to the need, can be designed as single cavity injection mold, can be designed into multi-cavity injection mold, can be widely applied. Clamping, the guide pin 8 and guide sleeve positioning under the guidance of 9 moving mould and mould closing. Cavity by using the template 2 die and fixed on the fixed template 1 of punch, and clamping force provided by the injection molding machine clamping system lock.

the molding part by punch, concave die and insert blocks, etc. Punch forming inner surface shapes of plastic parts, die to form the surface shape of plastic parts. After clamping convex die and concave die form the mold cavity. From molten plastic injection molding machine nozzle into the mold cavity flows through the channel called the gating system, gating system by the mainstream way, distributary channel, gate and cold material, etc. Steering mechanism is divided into dynamic model with the mode of the orientation on the guidance and between.

according to injection mold parts in contact with plastic case, most of the above the function structure and can be divided into two major categories of molding parts and structural parts. Among them, the forming parts refers to the contact with the plastic, and various parts of the mold, the structure components, including support, guide and exhaust, launch and plastic pieces, side parting and core pulling, temperature control components. In structural parts, mold clamping guide structure and the supporting parts as basic structure parts, because the two together can constitute a injection mold. Any injection mold can be on the basis of the die set, add molding parts and other necessary function structure form.

in order to ensure the correct guidance and orientation between dynamic and fixed mode, need to move, mold parts adopt guide pin, guide sleeve, or on moving part, die set match each other inside and outside the cone. Plastic pieces of the lateral concave and convex shapes and holes or convex sets, if any, would need to have lateral convex mold or molding come quickly. Before plastics was introduced, you must first take out fast lateral punch or side molding, then can smooth demoulding. Drive the lateral punch or lateral forming fast moving mechanism called side parting and core pulling mechanism.

launch institutions refers to the mold parting will be molded parts from the mold after launch of the device. In general, launched by the push rod, rod, push rod fixation plate and push plate, mainstream way to pull rod and push plate guide pillar and push plate guide sleeve, etc. In order to satisfy the requirement of the molding process of mould temperature, must to control the temperature of the mold, so the mould often is equipped with cooling or heating temperature control system. General open cooling water channel in the mold cooling system, heating system, in the mold inside or around the installation of heating element.

injection mold consists of two parts, dynamic model and fixed die, die setting part installed on the fixed template of injection molding machine, the dynamic model part installed on the movement of the injection molding machine template. In the processing of plastic injection molding process, the dynamic model with the injection molding machine clamping system movement, at the same time moving mould parts and mould made pouring system and guide pin guide and closed cavity, plastic melt from the injection molding machine nozzle flows through mould gating system into the cavity. After cooling mould when moving die and die separation, remove the plastic parts.

in injection molding process, in order to bring the gas discharge within the cavity die, often need to open the exhaust system. Exhaust system is usually in the parting surface purposefully to open several exhaust grooves, and many die putts fitting clearance between the core and the template or activity can exhaust effect. Small plastic displacement is small, so can be directly used to exhaust parting surface. Used to install fixed or supporting molding parts and each part of body parts are referred to as the supporting parts. Bearing parts assembled together, can constitute the basic skeleton of injection mold.

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