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The structure of sizing set

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Streamline the nose is composed of many steel plate, in order to avoid the flow channel section of dramatic change inside the head, to joint processed into curve, make each section of smooth transition, namely the nose everywhere there can be no sharp transition or dead Angle, the section size of to make molten material flows smoothly. Streamline the nose structure is complex, manufacture is difficult, but it has no material defect, can guarantee the quality of extrusion plastic injection molding processing, suitable for mass production. Heat-sensitive plastic, such as rigid polyvinyl chloride, also can be used to streamline the nose extrusion molding.

sizing set of inner diameter is larger than the diameter of a bar, that is, according to the plastic shrinkage of appropriate methods. Because the bar don't need in sizing set inside hardening molding, length in sizing can be appropriate to choose according to need. When the bar diameter is less than 50 mm, length of sizing set of desirable - 200 350mm。 When the bar diameter in 50 - Length of 100 mm between sizing set of desirable - 300 500mm。 Plastic different profile is to point to in addition to the circular tube, round bar, sheet, film extrusion products such as plastic extrusion parts with other cross section shape.

plate head is characterized by simple structure, easy manufacturing, low cost, easy to install. The nose of the flow channel section change drastically, that is, from imported round rapidly evolved into close to plastic parts in the shape of a cross section, the flow of the material is bad, easy to cause the retention phenomenon of the material. Will flow channel section of dramatic change of heat-sensitive plastic produce thermal decomposition, such as hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as a result, plate extruding head is generally used in low melt viscosity and thermal stability of high plastic such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, such as processing and forming, for the hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC), then only in its shape is simple, the production batch hours to use plate processing and shaping the nose.

streamlined nose is divided into integral and sectional two forms, integral streamline the nose in port by circular gradient transition to the shape of the plastic parts required. Manufacturing integral streamline the nose than manufacturing segment split streamlined nose harder. When different profile cross section shape complex, monolithic streamlined nose processing will be difficult. In order to reduce the processing difficulty of the nose, can use piecewise split streamline the nose shape.

segmented split streamline manufacturing method is to sections with the nose, the nose and then processed respectively, and then assembled into a whole, so it can reduce the difficulty of the whole flow processing. Processing by this method the nose in its easy appear discontinuous flow channel joining together the section size of smooth transition, the manufacturing process control is more difficult. Extruding head design is critical in determining the quality of different profile.

bar sizing device has the advantages of simple structure, similar to pipe sizing device. The role of the sizing device is to make plastic injection tooling by gravity bending deformation, the surface of the guarantee of quality. Bar in the extrusion pressure is higher, the loading effect is better. In order to reduce the flow resistance when rod through sizing device, sizing set of inner hole to make a certain slope. Sizing materials generally use copper manufacturing, heat transfer effect is good.

plastic special-shaped material because of its excellent performance and technical characteristics, at present has been widely used in civil construction, household appliances, auto parts, etc. Due to the different profile cross section shape is irregular, complex geometry shape, high dimension accuracy requirement, molding process demanding. The mould structure is complex, so extruding forming efficiency is low. In extrusion molding nose structure can be divided into two forms, and streamline the nose plate machine.

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