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The structure of the polymer

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Branched polymer is refers to the aggregate owner chain formed the different length, number of branched chain, like a boat, some even on the branched chain and branched chain. The existence of the branched chain has a special influence on the performance of the polymer. Branched chain will cause the loss of molecular packing density, reaction between molecular chains is abate, low density polyethylene is a typical image of branched polymer. Different polyethylene plastic injection processing raw material variety, although the same chemical composition, but because of the branched chain number, length is differ, the performance difference is bigger.

in terms of a structural unit, is in one of the key elements of the chemical structure of composition and structure of the unit. Addition polymerization by opening the carbon carbon double bond occurring in the course of reaction, so the main chain are basically carbon atom, by the main chain of carbon atoms become carbon chain polymer, several kinds of polymer chain of the main of which is composed of carbon atoms. Carbon and side chains on the different elements to form the covalent bond energy is different, this is one of the factors that affect performance change.

the actual polymer is composed of different length of molecular chain, this feature is referred to as the polymer molecular weight polydispersity. Referring to the polymer molecular weight, usually refers to the average molecular weight. There are three kinds of geometric shapes of polymer chain, namely linear, branched chain shape and size. It depends on their chemical composition and the formation of polymer polymerization process. Linear polymer is refers to the thin and long chain-like macromolecules, the link count from several hundred to several thousand, length is 100 - 1000 nm, and 1/10000 of the length, diameter 1/1000. The thermoplastic polymer, in the majority with linear, thermosetting plastic.

properties of substituents, location and size effect on the performance is also important. Polypropylene due to the presence of methyl side group, make large molecules increase rigidity, at the same time, oxidation resistance, and polystyrene, because of the large side group of benzene ring volume has rigid effect to the chain, hardened polystyrene is brittle. In addition, the existence of the substituent on side chains also tend to form the asymmetric structure unit. The sorting of asymmetric structure in the chain of heterogeneous would happen.

on the main chain containing heteroatoms or polymer impurity atoms groups, usually have high strength, which are the characteristics of the engineering plastics. Thus, reflected by the structural unit of information, you can compare the nature of the correct evaluation of polymer. The length of the chain is determined by the number of structural unit of chain molecules. Structural unit number, the more the longer the length of the chain, obviously the higher molecular weight.

the structure of the polymer chain refers to a single molecular chain structure and form. Can give brief explanation from three levels, namely the structure unit of its own characteristics, structural unit in the chain number, arrangement, and the geometry of a chain. Composition and structure of the structural unit depends on the injection molding processing when the raw materials adopted by the monomer polymerization, he usually decide to repeat unit of general performance characteristics of the polymer. So the naming of a polymer are often based on the name of the structural unit. For example, named by the synthesis of vinyl monomer polymer polyethylene, styrene to synthetic polymer named as polystyrene.

most of the commonly used polymer polymerization degree - in 200 , corresponding relative molecular mass between 2000-20000 200000. Polyethylene molecular weight range is wide, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene molecular weight can reach millions more. The molecular weight of polymer is controlled by polymerization process. General control of polymerization conditions, can give us the approximate scope of molecular weight of hope. But we can't accurately control the molecular weight of each chain.

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