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The structure of the tubing head design

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Compression ratio refers to the nose and the porous plate wait thru the aniseed flow area and mouth annular clearance between the mould and core mould molding area ratio of the area. Inside the nose cavity should be enough compression ratio, it reflects the plastic melt in extrusion forming process of compaction degree. Compression ratio vary with the characteristics of material, plastic injection tooling for low viscosity and take 4 - compression ratio 10 for high viscosity plastic, 2 of compression ratio. 5 - 6. 0. Tube from the mouth after extrusion die, the temperature is still high, due to the gravity and the results from the mode expansion effect, will produce deformation, thus cooling to finalize the design measures must be taken, to ensure that the pipe size, shape, precision and good surface quality.

side type squeeze tube head similar to right Angle type squeeze tube head structure, suitable for big diameter and wall thicker tubes. Side type squeeze tube head structure is complex, the melt flow resistance is big, but the volume of the nose is small. Within the micro porous flow squeeze tube of the nose, the nose without mandrel, direction of the flow of the molten material is consistent with the direction of the axis of the extruder screw, melt through the pores on the microporous tube into the mouth mold and molding, particularly suitable for forming large diameter, illiquid plastic.

to reduce excessive shunt traces, generally small head with 3 shunt bar, medium-sized root in 4, large with 6 - Eight root. Because in the process of extrusion molding, extrusion pressure on the nose up to 15 mpa, such a huge pressure on several shunt bar, if the strength of the shunt bar, shear failure is easy to occur. Draw ratio refers to the mouth mould and core rod in molding OuDeHuan gap cross-sectional area and the ratio of the pipe sectional area, it reflects the traction, under the action of pipe cooling from high temperature parison to finalize the design after cross section deformation of the longitudinal orientation degree and tensile strength. There are many influence factors of draw ratio, drawing ratio in different varieties of plastic varies, usually determined by experiment.

microporous flow squeeze tube head is small in size, compact structure, but because of the large pipe diameter, pipe wall are prone to bias, so the mouth under the module and the clearance between the mandrel is 10% smaller than the above 18%, in order to overcome because of pipe wall thickness caused by uneven weight. The nose institutions mainly consists of two parts, mold and mandrel. Mouth mold main plastic forming parts of external surface, the main dimensions of the mouth mould is divided into the inner diameter of the mouth mould size and finalize the design period of the length of two parts, before the design, must be known conditions is used in extrusion machine number, the inside and outside diameter and precision of plastic products.

the inner diameter of the pipe diameter has a mouth mould to determine. Due to the pipe material from the nose, is compressed and the tensile elastic recovery stage, from mold expanding and cooling shrinkage phenomenon happened. Shunt is an important part of the nose, the melt after filter, a shunt initial shape tube. The role of the shunt is layered thinning of plastic melt, further heating and plasticizing.

right Angle type machine to squeeze tube head is also called the bend the nose, the nose axis at right angles to the axis of extruder screw. Right Angle type squeeze tube inside the nose shunt and stent shunt, won't produce shunt traces when plastic melt flow forming, used for forming such as polyethylene, polypropylene plastic tubing. Right Angle extrusion molding pipe head size high precision injection molding processing, forming quality is good, but the structure of the nose is more complex, making more difficult.

shunt and mandrel by stent shunt support, at the same time, stirring effect to the molten material. The three sections of the shunt generally processed separately, and then assembled. Small and medium sized tubing head mandrel, shunt and shunt bracket can be made into the overall structure, stent shunt reinforcement should be streamlined, under the premise of meeting the strength requirement, the width and length as small as possible, the number of the shunt bar should be as little as possible.

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