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The technology of plastic product design

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Cavity, the separation and convergence of molten striker will produce fusion line, fusion line will become weak link of injection molding products processing, due to the structure of the parts need to be inevitable which is formed by the fusion line, it is important to correctly choose the orientation of the fusion line, in order to reduce the fusion line on the quality of the products. Injection molding process is a continuous innovation, the development of the molding process. Thin-wall injection molding, precision, and even ultra precision injection, and many other new the production of injection molding parts, usually have to adapt to the process characteristics of design rules and design methods.

of thin wall thickness can improve the heat transfer and can reduce the probability of hollow parts inside. Put there are dozens of ways of plastic raw materials processed into products, especially their technological characteristics, each forming method for a specific product design, the craft characteristics of both may be a strength, is also likely to lead to some limitations. So products design, finally choose what kind of products on molding method, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each method, is must under consideration, and after determine the forming method, will be targeted to design more reasonable.

orientation make plastic flow direction shrinkage rate is greater than the vertical direction, and crystalline plastics. Orientation and the size of the internal stress depends not only on material performance, process conditions and gate design, and it also depends on the geometry products, especially the thickness and shape. From the perspective of product design to give analysis and forecasting, try to optimize the melt flow state, can reduce orientation degree, reduce shrinkage deformation.

about 30% of the plastic products, as well as 80% of the engineering plastics, is produced by injection molding method. It is enough to show that the importance of the plastic injection molding process in the production process of. Is the basic principle of injection molding, the cylinder inside the screw in the process of spinning and gradually back to complete the raw material of the conveyor, compression, plasticizing and melting, and then screw driven by hydraulic power with high pressure, axial rapid advance, will accumulate in the front of the screw, melting through runner system into high pressure locking cavity, the cooling parts.

injection molding process can produce continuous programming terminal shape components with metal insert. Parts depends on the shape and structure design of mould, can produce more complex structure, size comparison precision parts, but the size of the stamping direction of 3 d mold equipment, process condition constraints and restrictions. Too thick is not suitable for parts, large size parts need a large quantity of injection equipment and large mould.

have double layer structure of products, can adopt the design of the convection, proper positions in the design grid or the opening of a different shape of the cooling window, also is advantageous to the heat. The parts used for high temperature, low thermal conductivity of insulation materials should be adopted for heat insulation. Injection molding processing parts by fatigue loading, to prevent the accumulation of the thermal deformation caused by heat fatigue load, can take the thinner wall thickness design and through metal insert transmission, the design of the heat dispersion.

choose thickness of precision injection molding process can produce only 0. - 0. 2 mm, weight is an unit with mg precision parts. The melt is under high pressure through the runner system into the cavity, so the design of the runner system, especially the design of the runner system, the overall quality of the product, generally this is mold design engineer should consider the problem. Parts of the orientation and internal stress is inevitable.

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