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The varieties and properties of carbon fiber reinforced nylon

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Compared with pure nylon, carbon fiber reinforced nylon the biggest characteristic is the high mechanical strength, small linear expansion coefficient, is the ideal alternative with metal material. Its features are: high intensity, the intensity of carbon fiber reinforced nylon is higher than the strength of the glass fiber reinforced nylon, and remained high strength at high temperature; Density is small, the linear expansion coefficient of carbon fiber reinforced nylon close to metal, carbon fiber reinforced PA66 linear expansion coefficient is small, so the size precision is high, appropriate manufacturing high dimension accuracy requirement of injection molding processing products.

because carbon fiber have the effect of solid particle in the PA66 melt, and PA66 molecular easy generation interface slip, therefore, showed the melt viscosity is lower than pure PA66. With the increase of shear rate, solid particles flow lag, carbon fiber particle size by stress decreases at the same time, the particle number increased, so as to show the apparent viscosity increases. Aramid fiber is made of aromatic polyamide resin by solution spinning organic fiber, high strength, high modulus, also known as aromatic polyamide fibers. The fiber density is small, the intensity is high, especially the gap is not sensitive, and excellent heat resistance.

the effects of screw speed, the higher screw speed, the greater the shear force, and vice versa. So in the production of carbon fiber reinforced nylon, the speed of the screw should take low speed advisable, of course choose how much speed, nylon makings and should also be considered factors such as carbon fiber content. It should be said that all the nylon is suitable for manufacturing carbon fiber/PA composite materials. See, but the practical application of carbon fiber reinforced PA6, carbon fiber reinforced PA66 is more, especially the wide application of carbon fiber reinforced PA66, dosage, in addition, the carbon fiber reinforced PA610, carbon fiber reinforced PA46, carbon fiber reinforced PA1010, such as carbon fiber reinforced PAMDX6 goods are sold.

the performance of carbon fiber reinforced PA66. Carbon fiber enhancement effect is higher than glass fiber reinforced PA66, bending modulus of elasticity is twice as tall as glass fiber reinforced PA66. The performance of carbon fiber reinforced PA610. Carbon fiber reinforced PA610 than pure PA610 tensile strength, tensile modulus increased more than 1 times, four times the size of the notched impact strength is pure PA610. Carbon fiber reinforced MXD6 after the carbon fiber reinforced, the tensile strength of 257 mpa, the bending strength of 377 mpa, is higher than that of carbon fiber reinforced PA66, is the ideal alternative metal material.

the friction properties of carbon fiber reinforced nylon. Carbon fiber reinforced nylon has good abrasion resistance, so especially suitable for injection tooling making sliding parts. Electric properties of carbon fiber reinforced nylon. Carbon fiber reinforced nylon electrical conductivity and excellent electromagnetic shielding effect. Therefore, carbon fiber reinforced nylon is good antistatic and conductive material, and good electromagnetic shielding material. Rheological properties of carbon fiber reinforced nylon net PA66 performance decrease with the increase of shear rate, viscosity of pseudoplastic characteristics, and the performance of the carbon fiber reinforced PA66 viscosity increases with the increase of shear rate.

screw temperature setting formed certain TiDuCha each work area. This set of an important guiding ideology is to protect the carbon fiber is the lowest shear force, the molten area moderately high temperature make fully molten, and totally melt state at the entrance of fiber formation, after the carbon fiber into the screw, was quickly melt impregnation and package, make the fiber in the shearing action of kneading zone is as small as possible. In the kneading, USES the high temperature, to ensure the mixture fluid state, natural melt shear effect is small. In mixed measurement area decrease the melt temperature make the melt can continue to be mixed in the conveying process promote evenly dispersed carbon fiber. The melt formation pressure at the same time, is advantageous to the stable extrusion granulation.

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