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The wastage of the plastic mold problem is what reason is caused!

by:CSSSLD     2021-02-03
Plastic mold plastic processing industry and form a complete set of plastic molding machines, plastic products for complete configuration and the accurate size of the tool. Because plastic breed and processing method is various, and the structure of the plastic molding machine and plastic products and simplified is differ, so the plastic mold is a wide variety of species and structure. When using the plastic mould, we often encounter the mould loss problem, this is what reason is caused?

1, the plastic mold material of the main parts of the problem, improper material selection. Material performance is bad, not wear-resisting; Die steel without refined, with a large amount of metallurgical defects; Convex concave die, forging stock change forging process is imperfect, heat treatment have remains hidden dangers.

2, plastic mold structure design problem, die structure is not reasonable. Thin punch without strengthening device design, discharging mouth not free a boundary discharge force ambassador punch under cyclic loading is aggravated.

3, the plastic mold molding process is not perfect, mainly displays in the convex and concave die forging billet internal quality is poor, heat treatment technology and process has a problem, cause, convex and concave die quenching by soft point and uneven hardness.

4, sometimes produces micro cracks, even craze, grinding and polishing does not reach the designated position, the surface roughness value is too large.

5, the plastic mold or lubrication lubrication but the effect not beautiful.

injection mold edm is widely used in precision mold mold manufacturing.

the so-called 'mirror edm', generally refers to the processing surface roughness value in Ra< 0. 2 microns, processing edm surface has a mirror reflection effect. Mirror edm for some precision processing can replace manual polishing process, improve the quality of the parts and has practical significance.

a, processing type

all can reach the mirror effect of electro discharge machining, and electro discharge machining of carbon black layer has a direct relationship. If the machining parts easy to form a uniform layer of carbon black, also means easy to work out a mirror effect.

2, mold steel,

some mould steel edm can easily reach the mirror effect, and some die steel, no matter what also can not meet the mirror effect. At the same time, the mould steel hardness is higher, the edm mirror effect better.

3, mirror edm for some requirements of the electrode

to mirror edm electrode material, usually chromium copper or copper, chromium copper electrode loss less. Choose the copper must be homogeneous structure, less impurities, poor copper in mirror processing prone to electrode loss, surface wrinkling and other anomalies, attaches great importance to this. Although copper alloy electrode can achieve very low electrode loss, but the mirror effect.

4, note

( 1) Good control of mirror edm machining allowance

edm process is a process from roughing to finishing processing. First used rough machining electrode, the
card under the condition of a certain processing quality ( Dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy, position accuracy and surface roughness) , the use of large discharge energy removal in a large number of metal, to shorten the processing time, improve the processing efficiency; And then in finish machining electrode, using a smaller discharge energy to complete the finishing. Whether it's rough machining or finish machining, all can use multiple discharge conditions, current is also from big to small, through the depth of feed at the bottom of the light, through translation repairing the light side.

( 2) Rational use of mirror machining of discharge parameters and control the

the negative polarity machining, the choice of some of the main electrical parameters is also very important, and the selection of conventional processing, there are some differences, such as discharge to a longer time, tool height short, tool speed cannot too fast, the purpose of this setting is to maintain a stable electric erosion process small energy, because in mirror surface treatment, product itself will not produce a lot of electric erosion, too often carry knives action may interfere with the discharge steady.

mirror JiaGongDian gauged electric erosion ability is very weak, process, it takes a very long time. Because the mirror finishing size change is very small, only the light effect, in fact as long as the processing to the requirements of surface roughness after to end processing, therefore, can use nc edm machine tool timing function, according to the experience to determine how long processing time.

( 3) Widespread use of blending technology to realize mirror machining effect

mixed-powder edm, is a kind of surface roughness of the edm process.

the so-called mixed-powder edm, refers to the micro powder is added in the working liquid, such as silicon powder, aluminum powder, chromium powder, and the additive, in order to make machining surface mirror effect. Using mixed powder processing technology, will under the condition of the same electrical parameters, than do not use the mixed powder processing technology to obtain a faster processing speed ( Make the finishing time reduced 20% 30%) And better surface roughness. For large-area edm, has significant improvement.
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