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The whisker reinforced nylon and nylon filling

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Polymer used as filling the inorganic fillers are available to do nylon filled in. Commonly used filler talc, mica, calcium carbonate, silicon powder, etc. Physical properties of the packing is different, the modified effect is different. Fibrous, flake bigger packing, to improve the mechanical properties of PA. Globular, granular filler can improve the injection molding processing performance, but will reduce the material mechanics performance. Packing size is large, the tensile strength and impact strength are falling, the smaller the particle size, the higher the strength of material.

the whisker reinforced nylon production is similar to a short glass fiber, inorganic filler blend of nylon. Whisker dispersion and the adhesive with matrix is the main technology in the manufacturing process. At the same time because of the whisker in shear sex is similar to the properties of carbon fiber. So keep the size of the whisker in the blending process stability is the key to the technology. Add all kinds of additives such as antioxidant, lubricants, brightener, etc to keep the processability of the composite material, aging resistance performance.

packing surface with surface active groups to improve the adhesion of fillers and polymer. Packing surface hardness, the surface hardness of the composite material has improved. The addition of filler, the mechanical properties of nylon, products of surface finish and processing of liquidity will decline. But with the development of nanotechnology, the advent of nanoscale inorganic filler and the development of inorganic filling technology, will get a better solution to these problems.

according to the characteristics of the processability of whisker on control should focus on the following issues: 1. Choose the appropriate coupling agent and its dosage. 2. Raise the blend melt extrusion temperature, in order to increase the melt on the degree of parcel whisker, reduce the screw element of whisker shearing action to keep the size of the whisker. 3. Choose a reasonable combination of screw. This combination of screw configuration should be according to the design of hybrid configuration. 4. The screw rotation speed as low as possible. Filling nylon is

add cheap inorganic filler in nylon makings, nylon composites made by blending extrusion. The purpose of filling modification is to reduce the cost of materials. Most of the inorganic fillers are cheap, add a large amount of inorganic filler in nylon, can greatly reduce the cost of material, at the same time can improve the properties of nylon. Such as increasing the nylon rigidity, heat resistance and dimensional stability and reduce the molding shrinkage rate.

performance and characteristics of the whisker reinforced nylon, whisker reinforced nylon compared with other reinforced nylon has very obvious characteristics, have the following several aspects: 1. The fine processing of liquidity, all of the whisker reinforced nylon has good liquidity. 2. Injection molding products processing surface finish. 3. The material of high mechanical strength. 4. It has excellent wear resistance, is a good car brake lining material. 5. High heat resistance. 6. With isotropic, customer service of glass fiber reinforced nylon easy bending faults.

filled nylon production process is very simple, but in formula design and has a great influence on the process control on material performance. Correct selection of varieties and amount of the packing, according to the purpose sometimes can choose a variety of common packing to solve the problem of composite materials price performance ratio. Packing surface coupling treatment is the key to filling nylon, different packing should use different coupling agent. Screw combinations should be mixed as the main characteristics. Packing materials mixed with nylon fully.

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