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Thermosetting plastic

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Epoxy resin and chemical resistance, heat resistance, electrical insulation, small shrinkage rate, injection tooling than phenolic resin has better mechanical performance. The shortcomings of the epoxy resin is the difference in climate resistance, low resistance to impact, crisp texture. Epoxy resin adhesive can be used as a metal and nonmetal materials, used to encapsulate a variety of electronic components. Epoxy resin with quartz powder, etc. Can be used to pouring all kinds of mold, also can be used as anticorrosive coatings of various kinds of products. Good liquidity and hardening speed, used for casting, casting should be added before the release agent, epoxy resin hot poor rigidity, hardening of the narrow, difficult to demould. Precipitation hardening without any by-products, without exhaust when molding.

phenolic plastic molding performance is good, especially suitable for compression molding, mould temperature effect on liquidity is bigger, the general liquidity drops rapidly when the temperature over 160 ℃. Hardening release a large amount of heat, when the internal temperature of the wall thickness of large plastic parts is too high, uneven cirrhosis and overheating. Amino plastics is made up of amino compounds with aldehyde by polycondensation reaction of plastic urea formaldehyde, melamine formaldehyde, etc.

the epoxy groups of epoxy resin containing high molecular compound, before its not curing is a linear thermoplastic resin, only after adding curing agent in connecting size of the structure of the polymer melt, not only as a practical value of plastic materials. There are many different kinds of epoxy resin, widely used, there are a number of excellent performance. Epoxy resin is the most outstanding characteristic is binding capability is strong, is that people familiar with the main components of the adhesive.

urea formaldehyde plastics is made from urea formaldehyde resin and bleached pulp molding powder. Urea formaldehyde plastics can be dyed various bright colors, bright appearance, partially transparent, high surface hardness, good arc resistance, resistance to mineral oil, the effect of mold. Urea formaldehyde plastics with poor water resistance, electric insulation performance after long soak in the water. Urea formaldehyde plastics used to suppress commodity and parts of electric lighting equipment, telephone, radio, switch socket, and electrical insulation parts.

by melamine formaldehyde resin and asbestos talcum powder, etc. , also known as melamine plastics. Melamine formaldehyde plastics can be dyed various colors, made of light resistance, arc resistance, non-toxic plastic parts, the in - 20 - 100 ℃ temperature range performance change is small, strong ability to boiling water and tea, coffee and other polluting substances. Melamine can strengthen the plastic like ceramic convenient remove tea kind of pollutants, and has the characteristics of light weight, non-friable. Melamine is used mainly for plastic tableware, aviation and electric switches with the cups, arcing cover and explosion-proof electrical accessories.

different, depending on the fill with paper, cloth, wooden, asbestos and glass cloth and so on all kinds of plastic laminate. Phenolic cloth and glass cloth laminate with excellent mechanical properties, oil resistance and dielectric properties, can be used in the manufacture of gears, bearings, guide wheel, silent gear and bearing and structural materials used for electrical and electrical insulating materials. Wood laminated plastic injection tooling applicable to be cooled by water lubrication bearing and gear, such as asbestos cloth laminate is mainly used to work under the high temperature parts.

amino commonly used plastic compression, injection molding. When melamine plastic injection molding shrinkage rate, moisture content and volatile matter, so need to preheat and dry before use. As a result of melamine plastic in forming precipitation and moisture has weak acid decomposition, so the mould should be anticorrosion, and pay attention to the exhaust. Because of good liquidity, hardening rate, therefore, melamine plastic must be properly in the preheating and molding temperature, loading, clamping and processing speed is faster. Melamine plastic with embedded parts is easy to produce stress concentration, so the size stability.

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