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Thread core and ring

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Combined type ring thread is suitable for accuracy is not high coarse thread forming, usually composed of two blocks, with a round pin positioning, both at the same coordination and integral. For easy to separate two pieces, can open two slots on the outside of junction, so that separated by wedge shape tool, take out the injection molding processing parts, but to left in juncture place hard to mend the overflow side of the tracks. Integral type thread tail plane processed into steps, so that the wrench from the threaded ring on the parts will be down, or at the end of a drill two holes, in order to use the auxiliary tool with the separation of parts.

composite is applicable to large and medium-sized mold, easy to set the convex mold cooling circuit. Molding rod combined-type belong to a special case of the combined punch. Forming stem usually made separately, and then into the punch fixed plate. For multiple molding rod, using convex shoulder pad installation method is better. When multiple forming rod depends on close, fixed plate can be processed into big long slot. For noncircular punch, in order to make convenient, often will cores into two parts, made a portion of the circle, the noncircular parts make it, and then connect the two parts and reliable process as a whole.

when the diameter of core, gouges where whole pieces were missing the handle of the relay is weak, can use spring steel wire connection role. Screw thread core structure design and fixed method to comprehensive consideration of various factors, both to conform to the molding and stamping mold release and threaded core requirements, and to make a simple structure, easy to manufacture. Type ring thread is actually a nut inserts, loading before die closed die set inside, with parts after molding mold release, unloading outside the mold. Threaded ring are integral, combined two kinds of common structure.

thread core used for molding parts on the threaded hole, or a fixed internal thread embedding, thread type ring used for the external thread on the molding parts, fixed external thread insert. Usually, remove the different methods of according to its in the mold can be divided into automatic disassembly and manually remove two kinds. Manual before disassembly structure forming, the threaded core type, thread ring can accurate positioning and reliable fixed inside the mold, so that they don't shift due to the impact of the external vibration or material. Type ring cavity, core, can be removed from the mold, with parts in the mold for external use manual methods will type ring core, well measures from the parts.

for vertical injection motor installed on one side of the mould and horizontal injection molding machine mould, common cylindrical fixed screw thread core mating surface. For vertical injection molding machine installation, on one side of the mould and horizontal injection motor mould core to prevent falling due to gravity or the vibration of the equipment operation, fixed screw thread core connected by elastic elements. Corresponding mating hole thread core directly inserted into the mold, usually adopt H8 / h7 clearance fit, but on the structure of core measures should be taken to prevent the plastic pressure axial mobile sink hole and plastic into the fit clearance.

when the inner surface complex parts, punch is not easy to machining, or shape is not complicated, but to save high quality steel, decrease cutting, often using combined punch structure. Combined punch press the size and complexity and small diameter combination, large diameter combined modalities core combined. Core according to the combination of form and integral embedded, local set spell embedded, shape with embedded.

the elastic connecting fixed screw thread core characteristic is to use more resilient gouges where whole pieces were missing and other elastic device handle the threaded core support within the die, pull out after molding with injection molding processing plant parts, core and with the mould hole for H8 / f8. For the core diameter of less than 8 mm. Gouges where whole pieces were missing handle stretch to core support within the die, pull out with parts after molding, the steps not only plays a role of positioning, also can prevent the plastic into.

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