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Titanate coupling agent

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Titanate coupling agent is indispensable raw material of composite materials. It can in inorganic interface reaction with free protons, form organic monomolecular layer. Due to the interface does not form a multilayer and special chemical structure of titanate coupling agent, generated by the lower surface can make the viscosity is greatly reduced. Treated with titanate coupling agent is hydrophilic and organic inorganic matter. Will join the rest of the polymer titanate coupling agent can improve the impact strength of material, the packing amount to more than 50%, and the phase separation will not occur. Titanate coupling agent mechanism is more complicated, so far, people have been quite a lot of research, put forward a lot of kinds of theories.

the titanate coupling agent pretreatment method consists of two kinds: 1. Solvent slurry processing method, the titanate coupling agent is dissolved in a large number of solvents, contact with inorganic filler, and then steamed to solvent. 2. Water slurry processing method, namely adopt homogenizer or emulsifier will titanate coupling agent for compulsory emulsion in water, or the first reaction of titanate coupling agent and amine to produce water soluble salt, dissolved in the water treatment packing again. Titanate coupling agent can be mixed with inorganic powder or polymer first, also can be mixed with both at the same time, but more commonly used and inorganic hybrid method.

by titanate coupling agent on the modification, can greatly increase the amount of calcium carbonate, improve its role in reinforcing rubber. Titanate coupling agent is used in lots of other inorganic filler surface modification, especially in the application of magnetic composite materials and magnetic recording materials, high filling, heat resistance, can improve the adhesive properties of magnetic particles and resin; Used in the electrical conductivity of composite material or coating, through the use of copper powder as conductive substrate, can improve the dispersivity of the material, moisture resistant, density and electrical conductivity.

lignin is the main ingredient in industrial papermaking wastewater. The development and application of lignin, can reduce industrial pollution, and to increase their use value. Tin tin coupling agent is characterized by carbon in the process of mixing vulnerability to shear and thermal effect and fracture occurs, resulting in a decline in the relative molecular mass, to improve the injection molding processing performance of the rubber.

the characteristics of the double metal coupling agent is introduced on a two inorganic scaffold organic functional groups, so it has the performance of other coupling agents have no: low processing temperature, room temperature and room temperature can interact with packing; Coupling reaction speed; Good dispersibility, can make the modification of inorganic fillers and polymer mixed easily, can increase the amount of filling in the inorganic filler in the polymer.

structure of aluminum acid ester coupling agent and titanate coupling agent, similar groups exist in the two types of active molecules, a class can and inorganic filler surface effect; Another molecular entanglement with resin, resulting in produce coupling action between inorganic fillers and the matrix resin. Aluminum acid ester coupling agent in the improvement of physical properties of products, such as to improve the impact strength and thermal deformation temperature, equivalent to that of titanate coupling agent. The cost is low, the price is only half of titanate coupling agent, and with non-toxic, easy to use, such as hot, hot stability is better than that of titanate coupling agent.

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