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To improve plastic flexible

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Plastic flexible degree of soft injection molding products processing, namely, the soft plastic products, its flexibility, the better. In polymer physics, the definition of flexible for the nature of the polymer chain can change its jun. A flexible plastic depends on its molecular chain structure of the polymer. Most of the plastic flexible are good, only the PS resin, such as flexible. So improve the flexible application of plastic is not very wide, only applied in some special occasions.

add plasticizer to improve plastic flexible, is to improve the processability of the resin, the main function of plasticizer is to reduce the injection molding processing temperature, improve the processing of liquidity. But its join the related resin, can also give flexible to products. Plasticizer increased flexibility is: the mechanism of plasticizer after heated, drill into the polymer chain, due to the polarity of the plasticizer functional groups, gravity between the polymer and the dipole, formed the combination between them, so as to increase the distance between the molecular chain, weaken the forces between the molecular chain, achieve the goal of more flexible.

improved shock, heat insulation and sound insulation properties of plastic
plastic thermal insulation performance is that the heat transfer performance, not to measure the plastic insulation, can be said with thermal conductivity, the smaller the thermal conductivity of plastic, explain the insulation, the better. Thermal conductivity also known as the coefficient of thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity is the characterization of objects, and the coefficient of heat transfer capability, defined as: unit area, the thickness of the specimen when the temperature difference is 1 k, through the heat per unit area.

plastic sound insulation sex is said blocking ability of sound propagation. Percentage decrease in the number of available materials on both sides of the noise decibel to measure the sound insulation performance is good or bad, the greater the percentage of down, its sound insulation sex, the better. Plastic sound insulation sex is good, is better than other materials such as metal, glass and ceramic. In today's society, the harm of noise is more and more big, has become a pollution environment, so the purpose of the sound insulation plastic more and more important.

plastic material of shockproof sex is said to outside vibration damping capacity. Characterization of specific parameters of shockproof capability for loss coefficient, is shaking force from entering the material to spread the loss. Plastic against earthquakes are mostly better than other materials, but also often can't satisfy the application of some special scene, so you need to change some performance. The foam products is a kind of very good shock absorption material.

shockproof materials mainly used as high-grade packaging materials, such as for fragile, household appliances and precision instrument of packaging materials. In addition, shockproof materials are also used in sports equipment and sofa and so on. Plastic can be controlled by blending, filling and surface coating methods were modified.

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