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To reduce the cost of plastic formula

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Packing oil absorbent, which refers to the packing itself to the formula of the liquid fertilizer, such as plasticizer has certain absorbent. Packing is determined by its oil absorption, oil absorption size packing oil absorption is defined as 100 g packing to absorb the most gross accumulation of liquid fertilizer. Packing oil-absorbing main influence formula system, for the amount of liquid fertilizer in packing oil absorption, the greater the corresponding should increase the addition amount of liquid fertilizer. To make up the absorbed by packing and cannot play a role of liquid fertilizer.

in PVC processing and formula, for example, in order to guarantee enough supply of plasticizers, injection molding processing resin, filler absorbing plasticizers must be considered and cause loss of plasticizer. Namely in PVC formulations containing packing system, the amount of plasticizer for PVC resin dosage of plasticizer and filler to absorb plasticizer dosage the sum of two parts. Packing resin absorption depends on the nature of the filler size, particle size, shape, presence of adsorption and surface treatment and so on.

the purpose of the filler surface treatment is to reduce the packing of the hydrophilic, improve packing lipophilicity, thereby increasing the compatibility of filler with resin. Coupling handle packing refers to using coupling agent on the filler surface activation treatment of a kind of method.

physical coating processing method of packing, the packing of the surfactant and alkali treatment commonly used agents are: isobutyric acid and octanoic acid, lauric acid, etc. , in addition to soap, lignin and silicone oil and so on. Packing method of chemical reaction process and chemical reaction is the use of chemical reaction in grafted related functional groups on the packing or change the packing surface chemical composition.

capsule, this is a kind of organic thin film coated filler, inorganic filler and capsule. Pure packing filling tends to make the tensile strength and impact strength decreased, but the treated filler can make the above two performance is not obvious or slightly increased.

packing physical state is mainly the shape, size and surface structure, etc. , different physical form, filling the role of also is not the same. Fibrous, columnar and plate aspect ratio of filler on mechanical properties increase, so sometimes referred to as strengthening agent, but this kind of packing for processing. Globular, granular etc. Aspect ratio small packing good for injection molding processing, but the mechanical properties of the material.

the shape of the fibrous packing the same as the column, from horizontal than large, aspect ratio and ambassador, commonly referred to as reinforced material. Commonly used fiber packing with wood powder, asbestos, etc. , talcum powder can also be seen as fibrous packing, sometimes referred to as the needle packing. Hollow microspheres loaded packing, the appearance like ball, but its internal to the hollow structure. Hollow microspheres have absorb the skill effect, because of the impact strength of composites can be improved, at the same time because of its small density, can also reduce the relative density of the composite material.

filler particle size has great influence on the performance of the filler composites, the smaller the particle size, the material tensile strength, impact strength, light scattering have positive influence. Especially for tensile strength and impact strength, when the filler particle size is larger, both down, when the particle size small to a certain value, the rise in both, but as the filling quantity increases to a limit value, namely began to decline, the size of the limit value, namely the highest filling quantity related to the particle size, particle size is larger, the higher the limit value. Superfine packing materials of modified to provide a very efficient way, he can increase rigidity and toughness of the material at the same time.

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