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To the profound influence of the injection molding enterprise electronic commerce

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
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in the past decade, the same plastic futures market in China of part of the application of Internet technology has three varieties listed transactions, this limitation was broken on to a certain extent, but little plastic futures trading varieties, and tends to focus on trading financial attributes of the process, even are easy to be misunderstood as a enterprise is the finance and investment tools, plastic entity enterprise needs the most basic of plastic raw materials supply and demand and currency is insufficient, can't completely meet the demand of industry. The economic development of the Internet to promote in the plastic spot and futures trading mechanism or the service function of the intermediate links plastic spot electronic trading market is developing rapidly, and in the service of plastic entity economy development, help the transformation and upgrading of traditional plastic enterprises played an important role, also speed up the circulation of the plastic material model from the physical market to the electronic market penetration.

with the establishment and implementation of electronic trading system, the existing plastic market competition pattern, position, marketing mode will be changed, plastic enterprises can seize the opportunities brought by e-commerce as soon as possible, meet the requirements for the development of electronic commerce, and to better survival and development in the era of Internet economy.

plastic industry is inter-trade industry, plastic industry in China after years of development, has initially formed synthetic resin, chemical additives, equipment, and complete the whole process from raw material to the product distribution system, its long industrial chain, involve wide. The plastic products manufacturing, more than 2014 national scale enterprise statistical output reached 73. 87 million tons, production value about three of the country's GDP. 2%, while the five general plastics raw materials production has been over 50 million tons per year, in our country, plastic raw materials in apparent consumption of nearly one hundred million tons. Guangdong, zhejiang is the largest plastic products the annual output ten million tons, guangdong province in 2014 only plastic products output value of 410 billion yuan.

so large plastic processing industry, the manufacturing process, from raw material to the products you need a strong material trading and logistics channel power, hence again a lot of cash flow, including pay back and forth, loan, financing, etc. This happens every day and plastic industry production, circulation, over the years the basic in the traditional fashion, in the process of the traditional spot trading, from raw materials to products to consumers, each link industry co. , LTD. , and commodity information transmission path of the single, raw material and product price is not transparent, the bigger problem is that little tiny plastic entity enterprise often cannot directly facing the raw material manufacturers, must accept changed hands at or above the secondary circulation of raw materials, a large number of human, material and money is consumed in the process.

the age of the Internet and electronic commerce technology of functional diversity, information disclosure, link is simple, financing fast, low cost and easy to use the service function, is rapidly into the traditional plastic manufacturing.

plastic raw material commodity property and commodity circulation characteristics is the foundation of advanced e-commerce technology. And the rapid development of plastic industry also needs to be modern, advanced e-commerce technology and modern logistics services in the industry logistics system, and help in the plastic industry enterprise production process and operation as well as the transformation of work.

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