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Toughening nylon

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
In antistatic nylon, adding glass fiber reinforced material, such as manufacturing antistatic high strength nylon is one of the important varieties of antistatic nylon, has been widely used in mining machinery. But the antistatic reinforced nylon manufacture must have technical difficulty. Because of the addition of glass fiber, surface migration of antistatic agent to injection molding products processing form conductive film has a certain effect. At the same time, the glass fiber in the system of dispersion and influence the dispersion of antistatic agent.

by elastomer toughening effective improve the shock resistance and low temperature performance of nylon, become a subject of high polymer material modification. The principle of toughening nylon follow the theory of polymer blends. People in research of rubber toughening nylon and verify in the process of polymer materials such as rubber toughening mechanism, formed a series of theories, these theories including micro cracks of the early theory, multiple silver grain theory, silver grain - Theory of the shear zone.

early toughening theory focus on toughening of qualitative analysis, parsing rubber toughening effect of internal causes. Along with the in-depth study of toughening polymer materials, toughening materials and new technology development, formed the new theories, such as the 1980 s, the industry found that the elastomer toughening effect of plastic, proposed the elastomer toughening mechanism of cold drawn, and establish the core - Shell model, make plastic development by elastomer toughening technology to thermoplastic elastomer, rigid organic polymer. Also found nanoscale inorganic materials have certain toughening effect on polymer materials. Also in the continuous improvement on research techniques, began to reveal the relationship between structure and performance of materials from the molecular level.

in recent years, overseas has developed the antistatic reinforced nylon with coupling agent. The coupling agent is not only for glass fiber surface activation, enhanced with nylon matrix adhesion, but also has certain antistatic effect. The coupling agent can better solve the problem of the glass fiber on antistatic agent. Antistatic performance of nylon mainly consider two aspects, on the one hand, is the effect of antistatic materials, commonly used to determine the surface resistivity of materials characterization of antistatic effect. On the other hand is to investigate the material mechanical properties, as a structural material, higher requirements on its mechanical performance. From the point of view of application, antistatic PA6, PA66, can satisfy the general industrial applications.

toughening nylon is nylon resin as the main body, add elastomer, thermoplastic elastomer and toughness of resin, the blending of modified nylon, add 5% to the nylon substrate 20% of the rubber, can make the impact strength of nylon multiplied. Nylon in bending strength, wear resistance, creep resistance, electric properties of performance is very outstanding, but the low temperature toughness is not ideal, thus has affected the application in the field of made his writing, such as railway equipment, auto parts and other outdoor use.

for organic antistatic agent, it has a certain compatibility with nylon, more easily dispersed in nylon matrix, generally don't add dispersant. But the dosage, had better add some dispersant, dispersed homogeneously. Good dispersion, the dosage of the antistatic agent can also be appropriate to reduce, to decrease the cost of injection molding processing products. Some scholars inserted layer stripping method make the graphite in the form of ultrathin section dispersed in polymer, form a composite conductive material, by nanometer composite technology can improve the effect of antistatic.

for inorganic kind of antistatic agent, must add dispersant, and carries on the surface activation treatment, such as conductive carbon black to anticipate, without a dispersant in melt extrusion process, the carbon black particles to condense into a larger particle sizes, thus reducing the antistatic effect. Improve the dispersion of antistatic agent, on the one hand, make sure the antistatic effect, and can also reduce material strength decreased. Inorganic particle size may also affect dispersion of antistatic agent.

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