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Transfer molding

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Transfer molding due to the existence of gating system and the waste of raw materials, small injection molding processing, more prominent modulus mold structure is complex, the molding pressure is high, the operation is more trouble. Mobile transmission mode of the upper and lower two parts that are not connected to the fixed hydraulic presses the slider and working mesa, it can be used on any form of common hydraulic press, feeding, clamping, mould, plastic pieces and other operations are outside of the hydraulic press work space with manual operation, not the mold fit for manufacturing quantities of transfer molding plastic parts.

in the general case, the delivery time control 10 - after the compression Within the 30 s to fill plastic mold. The holding time can be shorter, compared with compression molding for plastic under heat and pressure through gate less plastic, join quickly and evenly, plastic chemical reaction also relatively uniform, so when the plastic into the cavity has been near the final temperature of the resin curing. Transfer molding of plastic has certain requirements: before hardening temperature reached plastic should have greater liquidity, and achieve hardening temperature then we need to have a wide hardening speed. To meet the requirements of the plastic with phenolic resin, melamine and formaldehyde epoxy resin, such as plastic. And unsaturated polyester and urea-formaldehyde plastics, because at low temperature has the larger hardening speed, so can't forming large plastic parts.

the fixed transmission mode can be divided into the plunger, loading chamber and the upper die and lower die three parts, respectively for the three parts of heating. Mobile transmission mode is the use of upper and lower heating plate of the heating, heating mode and compression modulus are the same. In addition, the transfer mold also has similar steering mechanism with injection molding, compression molding, side parting and core-pulling mechanism, demoulding mechanism, etc. Transfer molding plastic into a mold cavity at high speed, the distributary channel and gate, the role of plastic can quickly evenly because of friction heat through and hardening, so plastic parts are of good quality, short curing time, high production efficiency. Plastic pieces of the size of the height direction accuracy is higher, parting surface flash is very thin, easy to remove. Transfer mode is suitable for forming with embedded parts, high precision and complex shape of plastic parts.

transfer mode is also called pressure injection molding, extrusion molding, is one of the commonly used thermosetting plastic molding mold. This mould is equipped with a separate charging cavity, forming and mould clamping before loading, and then the plastic in the charging chamber preheating, make its become molten state, and under the effect of piston pressure after pouring system into a closed cavity. Plastic compression of continue heating and curing within the cavity, and then open the mold to take out the plastic parts, cleaning cavity, gating system and feeding chamber.

pass for thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic molding parts are applicable, but with the need of thermoplastics solidification cooling, so must to cyclical heating and cooling of the mold, the production cycle is long, die prone to thermal fatigue, lead to shorten the service life, so the current transfer mainly for the production of thermosetting plastic molding parts. Transfer mold by forming parts, feeding device, gating system and heating system and other parts.

transfer molding mold temperature is usually 15 - lower than the compression molding 30 ℃, usually is 130 - 190 ℃, it is because the plastic part through pouring system can obtain frictional heat. Loading chamber and the lower the temperature of the mold, and mold temperature to the middle, so we can ensure smooth plastic into the cavity and there will be no material overflow phenomenon, but also can avoid injection molding product defects such as lack of material, bubbles, seams.

molding plastic parts, die, punch and core, etc, the parting surface form and select similar to injection mold, compression mold. Feeding device consists of charging material plunger cavity and pressure. Multi-cavity transfer system of injection mold and injection mold are similar, the same can be divided into the mainstream, distributary channel and gate, single cavity transfer usually only mainstream way. Unlike injection mold, charging at the bottom of the cavity can be opened several flow into the cavity at the same time.

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