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Typical flame retardant PBT, special material

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Arc resistance and enhancing the resistance to tracking flame retardant PET, as an important feature of electrical parts material is arc resistance, this is an important security technology characteristics. Electronic electrical field with flame retardant PET requirements by CTI standard trace leakage resistance of up to 250 v or 600 v level respectively. PET a big defect is slow crystallization rate, the injection mold temperature up to 130 - 150 ℃, the molding cycle is long, injection molding products processing prone to depression, affect its application field, thus improve the crystallization of PET speed, lower crystallization temperature is an important subject of modified PET.

the so-called special material is to use made of modified polyester. The manufacture of special material in addition to meet the general performance, modification is made to the special requirements. Flame retardant PBT, PET application field is mainly electronic, electrical, communications equipment parts, these areas except burning resistance requirement, the special requirements of different purposes. The dialysis computer connectors dedicated flame retardant reinforced PBT. Connector is one of the flame retardant reinforced PBT, main use for flame retardant materials of high strength, high flow, prevent dialysis.

no pollution dedicated flame retardant PBT, electronic components, electronic equipment parts in plastic requires no corrosion to metal components, applicable to the requirements of the material composition design principle is as follows: using heat resistance excellent flame retardant and processing AIDS, as far as possible to reduce breakdown products especially harmful gas. Using inorganic halogen free flame retardants, add right amount of acid absorbent, absorption of acid gases produced decomposition, control and processing temperature.

add nucleating agent in PET and the nucleation promoters, can effectively increase the speed of the crystallization of PET. Have found the nucleating agent has organic and inorganic compounds, organic polymer. In inorganic compounds, is a common nucleating agent, such as talcum powder silicate montmorillonite with laminar structure such as inorganic nanomaterials, has very good nucleation effect on PET. Organic compounds, metal carboxylate nucleating effect is very good, especially the carboxylic acid sodium and potassium is more apparent.

connector is thin-wall injection molding processing parts, different connectors of the wall thickness is different, have different structure, liquidity requirements material has good processing, materials in the use of environment are requested not to have low molecular effusion, in order to avoid pollution connector components, affect the transmission of the information. Manufacturing and the key technologies of dialysis flame retardant PBT and PET is the selection of fire retardant, should use heat and flame retardant without frosting.

antistatic flame-retardant reinforced PBT, antistatic computers, office equipment requirements. General plastic parts due to the electrostatic dust collection, the sensitivity of lower part, so in adding antistatic agent, flame-retardant reinforced PBT, improve the antistatic performance of the material has a realistic significance. Antistatic agent with inorganic and organic two kinds big. Inorganic antistatic agent with carbon black, low molecular organic antistatic agent with cationic and anionic organic salts, organic high polymer antistatic agent is good, has permanent anti-static function.

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