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Vacuum forming

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
The surface roughness of injection molding processing is a major factor in determining the quality of the surface. Plastic parts of the surface roughness is mainly related to the mold cavity surface roughness. In general, the mold surface roughness resin to 1 - lower than the plastic parts Level 2. Plastic parts surface roughness is commonly 0. 8 - 0. 2. Mould in use process, because the mould wear and the surface roughness value increasing, so shall, from time to time for polishing. Transparent plastic parts for cavity and core surface roughness are the same, without transparent plastic parts is according to use conditions to determine their surface roughness.

vacuum forming vacuum forming method mainly has concave die, punch, vacuum forming, concave and convex mold successively vacuum forming, bubble under the vacuum forming, plunger vacuum forming and vacuum forming with gas cushion device, etc. Die vacuum forming is one of the most commonly used, the most simple method of molding. With die molding in molding plastics surface size of high precision, small plastic parts is commonly used in forming depth. If the depth is large plastic, especially the small plastic parts, the bottom corner will obviously thinning.

compression and injection molding plastic parts size also by press tonnage and restrictions on the size of the workbench, injection molding and injection molded parts size will machine injection quantity, clamping force and the template size and demoulding distance limit. The dimension precision of plastic parts is not only related to mould manufacturing accuracy and its use and wear, but also with the change of the volatility of plastic shrinkage rate, molding process conditions, plastic molding after aging is related to the structure shape change and mould. Visible, the dimension precision of plastic parts generally is not high, therefore, on the premise of guarantee the use requirement as far as possible choose low precision grade.

the multi-cavity die vacuum forming and compared with the number of punch vacuum forming, more economy, because the distance between the die cavity can compete, in the same area of the plastic board, can work out more plastic parts. Molding is with the aid of the pressure of compressed air, compressed air will be heated to soften the plastic into the cavity pressure and molding method. Compressed air molding principle similar to vacuum forming, molding methods including concave die, punch forming, plunger extrusion forming, etc.

compressed air molding and vacuum forming the difference is that the former is mainly rely on compressed air molding plastic parts, while the latter relies mainly on the vacuum adsorption molding plastic parts. In addition, the compressed air molding by heating slabs heating plate, and the type of blade to remove plastic parts around the remaining material. Compressed air molding pressure value 0. 3 - 0. 8 mpa, if necessary, also recommend 3 mpa, so thick plank to molding, and precision and surface quality are usually better than vacuum forming.

cold grey method is will inject good parison heated to the appropriate to place it in again after blowing mold of stretch blow molding method. Forming by cold grey method, the parison injection and injection stretch blow molding processing were conducted on different devices. Before the stretch blow molding, in order to compensate the parison heat coming from the cooling. The need for secondary heating, to ensure the parison of stretch blow molding. Vacuum forming is the thermoplastic plastic board, fixed on the mould, with radiation heater is heated to softening temperature, and then use vacuum pump dropped the plate and mould parts of air pump, thus make the stick on the cavity plate and molding. After cooling, with the aid of compressed air to pull from the mould.

in order to get high quality of plastic parts, in addition to the reasonable choice plastics raw materials, must also consider plastic molding process, in this way, not only can make the molding process to run smoothly, but also it can meet the demand of economy and the mould, the production of qualified products at the lowest cost. The mobility of plastic pieces size depends on the size of the plastic. For illiquid or thin wall plastic parts, in the injection molding and injection molding, plastic parts size is too big, lest not filled cavity or welding scar formation, which affect the appearance of plastic parts and intensity.

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