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Very low density PE plastic injection processing

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Toughness VLDPE products used in many requirements. Impact strength, penetration resistance, resistance to heavy hit a fall and a combination of flexibility and softness of flexible life situations. This comprehensive make them suitable for the performance of thin film, blow molding and injection molding processing parts, through flexible sheet and extruded profiles and pipes.

special film USES include meat and poultry packaging, stretch film, box bags, shrink film and heavy cargo bags. In addition, he can produce thin film tensile properties make it, is suitable for manufacturing soft membrane. This film for making disposable gloves, built-in glass film, village inside the film and health supplies.

VLDPE applicable to extrusion tube and bottle, waste containers, soft toys and other blow molding parts. Vacuum cleaners, swimming pool and industrial hose and pipe application, all of these need long-term flexible life, good resistance to torsion and good environmental stress cracking resistance, and these are also VLDPE markets.

and the density of less than 0. 9 g VLDPE in and polypropylene blend, blend has good low temperature impact. Bumper, auto throttle, fenders and steering wheel set of lining on behalf of the low density products such as a variety of applications. Substitute is VLDPE and impact modified nylon and PVC as a representative of the other emergency purposes.

outdoor applications require to add proper stability agent. VLDPE used for the purpose in direct contact with food must comply with FDA standard, and according to the already alkanes can take leather levels and copolymer type and level of inspection. The rheological properties of

VLDPE similar to linear PE copolymer. Thus VLDPE usually on existing PE equipment processing, especially equipment has been designed for injection molding processing LLDPE. In order to obtain good processing conditions, equipment can make the necessary modification. In the applications of injection molding, mold shrinkage rate generally is 1. Half of 5% or LLDPE, this is because the crystallinity of VLDPE is lower than that of the linear PE. In blown film process, the temperature is 400 - Between 470 f and designed for linear PE low pressure mold can obtain the best performance. VLDPE coiling and reversals are similar to other flexible products. Nonetheless VLDPE film usually require physical properties improved cutting technology.

VLDPE can be used to impact modified, and the PP and HDPE blend membrane, in order to improve the tear strength, and can be used as a total of extrusion and tearing resistance of sandwich composite film. They can be used in the soft membrane lining washer. Cylinder liner, and other requirements toughness, environmental stress cracking resistance and flexible application.

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