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Vibration friction welding

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Vibration welding cycle is short, the typical welding and cooling cycle of 30 s, and the equipment is simple, the welding procedure is easy to control, can weld shape is relatively complex, welding nep larger injection molding products processing. Welding the weld is also known as electromagnetic induction. Unlike other plastic welding technology, this method as household induction cooker, is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction heating.

one of weldment is fixed, the static and the other welding connected to vibration element, under certain pressure, the contact surface with a certain vibration frequency, 0. 5 - The nominal amplitude of 5 mm, for rapid vibration, common interface due to the friction vibration produces heat, to joint interface begins to melt, vibration to stop. Parts automatic alignment, while maintaining the contact area and holding pressure, polymer curing, has realized the two welding welding. The vibration frequency, vibration amplitude, vibration stress is the main process parameters.

vibration welding can be used in most thermoplastics. Some high-performance plastics and other welding technology is difficult to obtain high quality welding high crystalline polymer, also can use vibration welding process. Compared with semicrystalline polymers, amorphous material is usually more suitable for the vibration welding. Vibration welding is not suitable for low modulus of thermoplastics and compare the soft thermoplastic elastomer. In general, welding materials, same or belong to the same kind of melting temperature close to the material, can obtain high quality welding seam.

vibration welding can be divided into linear vibration and rotation Angle of the two. Linear vibration type is one of the weldment was relative to the other fixed weldment, along a straight line reciprocating vibration, movement on the same axis. To achieve this movement, the movement along the straight line direction of the joint surface must be flat, but must also be parallel to the axis on the side of the joint, otherwise can't guarantee interface in the process of the whole movement. This kind of sport be determined by the movement and displacement amplitude.

the amplitude of the maximum number of moving from one equilibrium position, so the joint parts of total relative displacement is twice the amplitude. To avoid parts stuck, joint surface can't completely out of contact. In A straight line welding, actual amplitude of A limit about 90% of the joint width W. Linear vibration type at the same time a few butt welding parts, and it can weld length is greater than 1. 5, hard to use ultrasonic welding of long and narrow type parts, but not for circumferential weld below.

rotation welding process simple, strong repeatability, welding cycle is short, in general, in the 1 - 2 s time to complete, and can get good welding quality, this method in the case of low polymer melt viscosity is not particularly suitable. Rotating welding is not suitable for soft plastic, and is limited to welding directly below 160 mm injection tooling parts. Vibration friction welding or welding, it is to use two weldments relative vibration caused by the heat resulting from the interface friction welding welding to achieve.

type Angle rotation in axis as the center, within the scope of the small rotation Angle, do circular motion around one of the weldment. Use this method to welding, the welding head surface should be in the same plane, determine the motion amplitude and axis, always stay in touch, should guarantee the joint surface displacement is usually to 0. 75 - 2mm。 Angle of rotary type welding method, because of changing direction on the side wall of strain is small, so this method is more suitable for thin-walled welding, irregular shape, and can also be used to interface cannot adopt linear welding type, interface for circular parts.

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